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Lifetime Warranty Information:

Bestech Knives are precision cutting tools made from some of the finest materials in the world, which must be treated accordingly. Proper care and maintenance by the user is needed to ensure the knife will perform at optimum levels.

1)    Bestech Knives warrants that our knife will be free from defects that results from material and workmanship. We will repair it or replace it without charge.

2)    Bestech Knives will not warrant products due to loss, damage caused by abuse, neglect, misuse, accident, or improper blade sharpening.

3)    Modifying the knife will avoid the warranty.

4)    Repairs to your knife performed by any source other than Bestech knives company unconditionally voids the knife’s warranty.

5)    Bestech knives are assembled to exacting tolerances by trained technicians, so we discourage end users from disassembling or adjusting our knives. If a knife has been disassembled and reassembled correctly, so as to maintain its proper mechanical function—this warranty remains in full effect. However, if a knife has been disassembled and reassembled in such a way that, in Bestech Knives’ sole determination, the proper mechanical function of the knife has been compromised, it is no longer covered by warranty.

6)    If you choose to replace the knife, we may replace it with the same model or one of equal value. The original knife must be shipped to our appointed address.

7)    If a knife fails to function as it was designed to be used for. Please contact us at

8)    If a problem with a returned knife is determined not to be caused by the manufacturer. It will not be accepted for warranty work.

9)    Bestech Knives not cover repairs if a knife was misused, like throwing, et.

10)  Blade, tip or edge destroyed by throwing, prying, dropping, or improper sharpening, rust due to neglect protection way or other blade issues, we will not be able to replace your blades.

11)  If you missed any hardware parts like screws, clip, please contact us for replacement.

12)  If you need any warranty help in the USA, please contact
       If you need any warranty help in the Europe, please contact

Knife Reviewing Requests:

We got many requests from reviewers all over the world, for providing knives for reviewing on all social channels. All these requests are managed by our service in the USA and Europe as per the different regions. If a request is approved, it might be as part of a passaround way. 
In the USA, please contact:
In Europe,  please contact:
Please be sure you mention " Reviewing Request" in the subject of your email.     

Press Requests:

If there are any requests for providing our samples for reviewing for magazines, weblogs or other media, please direct your request to our European Service Office and provide us with the following information:
-What kind of media are you from?
-Which group of readers do you reach with your publications and how many? Do you influence the decisions to purchase products of your readers by your publications?
-What is the language of your publications and where are your readers located?
-Can you send a sample of your publications?
-What's the purpose of your request?
-Are there local resellers of our products in your country?

If you need any further help from Bestech Knives Company, please don't hesitate to contact us at
We are always here waiting for you and would like to provide help to you!